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Zen Moment of the Day


Dogs singing Merry Christmas

Cuties;) Nala was doing the whole “baroo?” head turning thing while this was playing….so cute.

Well, that’s one saucy looking Santa…


Merry Christmas from the Fast Food Channel

Um, what is this? Well, I’m just supporting the creative juices of some of my adorable fans who created their own comedy channel on youtube:) Good work sillies!

Grumpy Christmas kitteh:

Books for Christmas!?!

This is kinda hilarious. He makes a very valid point:)

The perfect stocking stuffers:

Looking at the kitteh on the right, all that keeps running through my head is “that’s NOT a pillow!!!”. Hehe


And the winner of the CSN contest is…

Drumroll please…

Ursula Claws!!! Congratulations to Lee for the winning photo:) You won the contest with a total of 9 votes!

Thank you go all of the participants; all of the animals are WannaSmile worthy so please keep us updated with new photos of them in the future!

Maru celebrates the holidays

Santa Clause = Stranger Danger!!!!

Guys, this is my adorable niece! Check out her hilarious stint with Santa Clause recently:)

Special thanks to ma’ little niece for making me smile today. That and the smiley faced choo-choo train on the right!