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I’m on vacay!


keep-calm-yes-im-going-on-vacation-1Hey peoples:) I am going to be in and out of it this next week as Thanksgiving is happening here shortly in my country and it’s a popular time to take a break. Thankfully, one of my classes next week does take a break while the other one does not. I will, however, be working on Thanksgiving. I’m cool with that though. I work in health care and people still get sick on holidays. I’ll be thankful for my health that day;) Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!

Happy Veterans Day!


I’d like to give a shout out my not so little brother anymore. Happy Birthday Mark!

Porcupine celebrating Halloween early

I never knew that they sound like dogs!
Sent in by Henning

Happy Labor Day

Unfortunately, I’ll be working today;) Wishing everyone a great day of barbecuing with family and friends!

Summer, I GOT this.

Sup guys? I own summer. Jump into summer
via EllenTV

Thank you to all of our service men and women:

Have a cuddle with a kitten today:)

Happy 4th of July

Try not to blow too much stuff up! Remember that dogs and cats get scared, so give them extra love today;)
Happy Fourth of July

Wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day

May we remember all those that have gone before us, and thank those that are serving…



Happy Mother’s Day!

To all you strong women out there…


Wishing everyone a Happy Easter

I know now everyone celebrates it, but for those that do…enjoy!