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Snuggly puppy to start your day

snuggly puppy

What happens to me at the library:

Studying makes me tired.

tired kitten

Jedi hamster says “pew pew”

jedi hamster
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I do it.

I do itvia

This puppy has a cozy

This puppy has a cozy

It’s all about da’ love:



Kitty was drunk in da’ bathroom again…

Oh boy.
Kitty drunk in da' bathroom

Snuggly puppy

Sleeping puppy

Good morning cuddles

good morning kittens

Sorry for the reduction in posting frequency

sorry puppy
via Hey ya’ll. I’m sure many of you have noticed that I have not been posting as frequently on the site and that is in part due to many issues. I am in the process of a move over the course of the next few weeks that is happening rather quickly and unexpectedly. So, between that and work, and you know…being a mom, my time hath been rather limited. That being said, here is a cute sorry looking pupper. I hope you accept my apologies…