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Happiness is:

A dog cuddling with baby chicks Dog with baby chicksvia BuzzFeed

What an incredible capture:

This image literally made my mouth gape open. So gorgeous. Owl and a horsevia

Owl head scratch

Press play for da’ cuteness:


via HolyCuteness

Pardon me Sir, you’re on my tail

pardon me, sir
via Pixdaus

Itteh bitteh flamingo


Excuse me, Sir.

Excuse me

Oh my Lord, this is just so much CUTE!

So much CUTE
Sent in by Henning

Grumpy bird is grumpy

Having a toddler who refuses to sleep, wants a “bubba”, sleeps in your bed and then repeatedly kicks you throughout the night did not help things…

Grumpy birdvia

A baby elephant and some birds to make you smile

Nature is wonderful…
an elephant and birds
via Twitter

What the cute!?!

cute baby bird