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Have you ever seen a happy baby alligator?

Happy baby alligator

Good morning cuddles

good morning kittens

No, don’t go to the bathroom.

No, don't go to the bathroom
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Happy Caturday:)

Happy Caturday
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Sorry for the reduction in posting frequency

sorry puppy
via Hey ya’ll. I’m sure many of you have noticed that I have not been posting as frequently on the site and that is in part due to many issues. I am in the process of a move over the course of the next few weeks that is happening rather quickly and unexpectedly. So, between that and work, and you know…being a mom, my time hath been rather limited. That being said, here is a cute sorry looking pupper. I hope you accept my apologies…

I come bearing gifts

You know how to win me over, pupper!
You know how to win me over

Itteh bitteh cute octopus

itteh bitteh cute octopus
I think that’s what it is?

This piglet and this pupper just made me melt

Damn this is cute.
A piglet and a pupper

How does one measure cuteness?

How does one measure cuteness?
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Puppy does not want to wake up

This is how I feel in the mornings too buddy…

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