Jedi hamster says “pew pew”

jedi hamster
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What’s your kryptonite?

Dog head tilts + chocolate. They get me every time.


Itteh Bitteh Snail Family:)

Stole my heart, they did.
Snail Family

Kung-Fu Kitten

Judo CHOP!
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Oh my Lord, this is just so much CUTE!

So much CUTE
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This one rings true for me right now:


Dad’s epic response to Disney’s “Frozen”:

I loved this!


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Make those dreams of yours come true…

Dream beautiful dreams

Zen Moment of the Day

Zen Moment of the Day Jaime Haisha
Photo by: Jaime Haisha

Bad dog…bad dog;)

This is Franken. He decided to make his space a teeny bit cozier. Hehe. Bad dog
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