This pup is a fashionista

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Zen Moment of the Day

Get lost in nature…

Ten women shave their head to support their friend:)

Many of you may not know this, but my real job, other than being a momma and a blogger, is that of an Oncology nurse. I  love what I do. My patients inspire me in so many ways. Seeing videos such as the one you’re about to see just makes my soul smile. For all the friends and family out there supporting someone going through treatment, a heartfelt “thank you”. To all those fighting the good fight; one day at a time, and just keep smiling:)

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Throat feeling a lil’ scratchy?

Wonder why…
Frog in your throat?
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Happy dogs in Australia

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Seat taken.


Zen Moment of the Day

Zen Moment of the Day

Baby elephant dances with a tourist in Thailand

How adorable is this little guy?
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Boxer pup hugs

Boxer pup love

I give that backflip a 9 out of 10

Cats doing olympics