In queso you need inspirations:

Zen Moment of the Day

Photo by Josep Ventura

Kitten nibbles on ear

Sent in by Henning

Just a happy duckling, swimming in a sink.

via HolyCuteness

Happy dog bath:)


Bunny version of the couch potato:

WannaSmile reader Kathleen sent in this adorable photo. Here’s what she says about this adorable fluffy bunneh:
“This is Patsy. She is a rescue bunny and quite unusual. She loves to stand up on here hind legs for at least 6 minutes at a time, and her favorite position is sitting on her bum!”

Thanks for sending this in!

Zen Moment of the Day

Love these colors…


If you’re happy and you know it, wear footy pajamas!


Kitten high fiveeeee!

So you’re proficient in math?