Bad dog…bad dog;)

This is Franken. He decided to make his space a teeny bit cozier. Hehe. Bad dog
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Zen Moment of the Day

Zen Moment of the Day
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The day a frog and a kitteh became friends:

True love:

I just love this…

True love
How many storms do you think these two have weathered?

Email update:)

Apparently when I switched servers, they started loading all of my emails onto the server without telling me they were going to re-route them and do that. So, I just spent the past hour or so rifling through some 3,000 + emails that have been saved. I’ve forwarded the pertinent ones to my main address at and will respond to them as I can. MiniMoppel and Henning, I have found all of your submissions;) Thank you! So sorry to anyone who has been wondering a big fat WTF!?!

All accounts are now working properly and will all be routed to my main account ( so we should not have an issue in the future. If you find that you have an issue and can’t get ahold of me via email, leave a comment. I will be disabling disquis for commentary as the general consensus is that people dislike it. Wishing you all a wonderful day!!!

Back to school time!

Okay WananSmile peeps, an update on ma’ personal life. This chica is going back to school…again;) I’m starting grad school…like…today! Exciting times around here in every aspect. What does that mean for Well, I will be continuing to update the site, but less frequently. Until I can wrap my head around my new schedule and figure out the perfect balance in my personal life, the site will remain up and I will continue to post as I can. I’ll do my best to update daily, but please understand if you don’t see posts up as frequently as they have been. Wish me luck! I the meantime, here are some cute photos of animals gearing up for their first day as well!

Back to school


Back to School Orangutans Ryan Hawk


Anyone home?

Anyone home?

Email issue

Hey everyone,

So, terrible that I’m just realizing this now, but at I’m trying to rectify the situation. When I changed my server plan over in early July, it turns out that any emails being sent the following address have not been delivered to me:

So, in the interim until I can fix the issue, please contact me at Sorry for all of the confusion! This has been quite a pain for me, and I’m hoping it’s just another growing pain;)



Happy Labor Day

Unfortunately, I’ll be working today;) Wishing everyone a great day of barbecuing with family and friends!

Blorp. I’m a cow fish.

Oh, hai.