Zen Moment of the Day

Nature never ceases to amaze me.
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Just a bouquet of piglets to love

I wanna snuggle all of them.
bouquet of piglets

Cute dogs to start your day

Cute dogs to start your day
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This is a Gerenuk

I had no idea these existed:)
Luk Luk

Scary toy alert!

Scary toy alert!

The real little drummer boy

This kid is incredible!

Cat gives dog a massage

That pupper is having a Zen Moment…

Zen Moment of the Day

Yep. On my bucket list:


WannaSmile featured in A Dog’s Best Friend Magazine:

Pretty cool. I’ve never been asked to write an article before:) A Dog’s Best Friend Magazine is online content that you can download through an app on your phone. You can click on the link here: Dog’s Best Friend Magazine

The magazine features articles regarding your dog’s health and grooming. It’s pretty cute and very affordable!

I am powerless at this point

Kitten win.
Kitten gives up