Looks like the pup won this battle:

Window seat

Aren’t we pretty pugs?

ballerina pugs

It’s all about the Radio Flyer wagon

Red Ryder Wagon
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Cows chase a toy car

Great find by my friend Monique!

Zen Moment of the Day

Just focus on this for a minute or two…

Zen Moment of the Day
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Kitty couple:)

Adorable cuddlers

Kitty couple

Cat REALLY wants his toy

Impressive skills you got there…


Hey bro, nice hat.

Frog wearing a snail hat

This gave me a good chuckle

This gave me a good chuckle, although it does not apply to me. I am lucky in that my fam is pretty damn cool. Dogs are god's way for apologizing
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I has a love

Dog and baby deer
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