Oh my Lord, this is just so much CUTE!

So much CUTE
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This one rings true for me right now:


Dad’s epic response to Disney’s “Frozen”:

I loved this!


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Make those dreams of yours come true…

Dream beautiful dreams

Zen Moment of the Day

Zen Moment of the Day Jaime Haisha
Photo by: Jaime Haisha

Bad dog…bad dog;)

This is Franken. He decided to make his space a teeny bit cozier. Hehe. Bad dog
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Zen Moment of the Day

Zen Moment of the Day
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The day a frog and a kitteh became friends:

True love:

I just love this…

True love
How many storms do you think these two have weathered?

Email update:)

Apparently when I switched servers, they started loading all of my emails onto the server without telling me they were going to re-route them and do that. So, I just spent the past hour or so rifling through some 3,000 + emails that have been saved. I’ve forwarded the pertinent ones to my main address at tina@wannasmile.com and will respond to them as I can. MiniMoppel and Henning, I have found all of your submissions;) Thank you! So sorry to anyone who has been wondering a big fat WTF!?!

All accounts are now working properly and will all be routed to my main account (tina@wannasmile.com) so we should not have an issue in the future. If you find that you have an issue and can’t get ahold of me via email, leave a comment. I will be disabling disquis for commentary as the general consensus is that people dislike it. Wishing you all a wonderful day!!!