Zen Moment of the Day

Reminds me of Watership Down…
Zen Moment of the Day
Photo by: Jerzy Grzesiak

Playing “catch” with a dolphin

Can you imagine how fun this had to have been for the kid?


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Bow chicka bow bow

Pole dancing kitteh
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The neighbors dog:

Neigbor dog
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Zen Moment of the Day

Zen Moment of the Day

Cuddle you? Mkay.

Cuddle you?

Zen Moment of the Day

Zen Moment of the Day

Say what? It’s Caturday?

Say what?

But mooooom! She’s IN my food!?

But mom!

Iris Grace inspires with her art:

For those that know me personally, you know that I love to paint.  It provides me an opportunity to get in touch with the core of my being and just enjoy the moment that I am experiencing. So, when I see this story on CNN about a beautiful little girl and her artwork, I melt instantly.

Meet the lovely Iris Grace. She has been diagnosed with Autism and has not spoken yet. However, her parents found a way to help her by incorporating art therapy into her life. Now little Iris Grace communicates through her art. She is quite incredible and her artwork is beautiful. She is inspiring to me in so many ways and quite honestly, when I watch the video that is provided, I just can’t help but feel that God is there with her in every moment. The things that make me smile in life. If we could only all be so open to seeing life through the eyes of a child…

Iris Grace
Photo via CNN

Iris – A Portrait of an Artist from Rupert Ward-Lewis on Vimeo.

Here is a direct link to her artwork: Iris Grace Painting