Dogs wearing socks are damn cute

Dogs wearing socks

Martha Stewart Pets swag:

So the peeps over at Martha Stewart Pets were kind enough to send some treats our way for our pups, Nala and Sanford. Funny thing is, is that my daughter loved the dog bed so much that she decided to plop down in front of the fire and get cozy. In addition, I’ve now taken in the feral cat I’ve been feeding for years and she made herself at home on the couch on one of the cozy dog beds. The chew toys we were given are great too in that Nala has not been able to tear them apart just yet, and it’s made out of a tough rope. Yay for that! Check out some of their items at PetSmart





A cat’s first time in the snow


Cat's first time in the snow
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Should be included in all operational instructions:

should be included in all operational instructions

One way to take a surfboard to the beach

When in Rome;)

Photo used with permission: Fernando Stalla

Brian Williams “Rappers Delight”

He’s been having a bit of the moment in the limelight lately. This one kinda reminds me of better days;)

One big fur pillow for kittens:

This is just so adorableFur pillow for kittens
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Supercat hath arrived


Zen Moment of the Day

Zen Moment of the Day
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