Zen Moment of the Day

zenI just really loved that saying…


But Mr. Policeman, I wants to play!

Oh my, this is all sorts of adorableness. Imagine trying to write a ticket when outta da’ brush comes this adorable kitten vying for your attention…

Gotta hand it to the ocifer, he handled it like a pro.
Great find Susan K.!

Can’t find the book you want?

Maybe you’re in the :


Caption and photo compliments of Janet.

Hellooooo….are you up yet?


Perfectly adorable alarm clock…most likely going to try to “bop” your nose with it’s paw in a few seconds.


Zen Moment of the Day


Sure, it’s most likely photoshopped, but it looks like a dream…

Via b-splendid

This is one stealth kitteh