I think this will be easier said than done:

I find myself complaining about the little things. “I did not sleep well last night” usually is the first complaint of the day. I say these things out loud as I want others to understand that hey, I may not be performing to the best of my ability. Maybe I don’t like to let other people or down or have them have high expectations. Whatever the case, I’m going to try this tomorrow and really put an effort towards consciously being aware of the things that I say. Let’s see how this goes. Anyone care to join me?

24 hours without complaining

It’s Caturday peeps:



fluffy bunny
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Cat loves the snow

That face…lovely cat

What my bed looks like some days:

Little dog big bed

How to make yourself feel bettah’

smiling releases endorphins

Hmmm. Wonder where my slipper went?

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Reindeer cats are silly

Reindeer cats

Zen Moment of the Day

Chocolate can be a zen moment. Yest it can:) Hot Chocolate

Kitteh say, no one can see me, I swears.