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Cat adopts baby ducklings

Love these videos:) Idea sent in by Henning

Cat adopts baby ducklings

Sent in by Henning

Australian shephard puppies herd baby ducklings

Cuteness ensues…

Ducklings have invaded ma’ bathroom!

And I don’t even care:) I could sit and watch these lil’ guys all day… via

Baby ducklings falling asleep are better than counting sheep

I’m in love via

Sorry for da’ late start…

Thought these two ducklings might make it all better…

Newest sleep aid on dee market:

Have trouble falling asleep at night? Feeling a bit anxious about your day tomorrow? Never fear! All you need is one of these prosh ducklings to lull you to sleep. Just watching this brings my heart rate down, and I feel that all is right in the world.