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The cat who refuses to dog

I just give up. It’s Monday. I think we all feel this way;)

Cat and a vacuum cleaner. Who knew?

Sent in by Henning

Excuse me, Sir.

Excuse me

Cat “Back in my Day” reference:

Oh boy. This is actually true!
Cat "Back in my day" reference:

I bring you HoverBike. I want one.

Not sure what I would do with this? Be really awesome at cutting the grass maybe? Being a cool chick looking like a storm trooper? You decide. Either way, I want one!


Kitty’s take on the “keg stand”

Keg standvia

New beard goal:

Calling all hipsters!
New beard goal via The Berry

Kitty was drunk in da’ bathroom again…

Oh boy.
Kitty drunk in da' bathroom

Capybaras look like Rafael Nadal

No, really, they do:
Capybaras look like Rafael Nadal
via Tastefully Offensive

Not sure about this scenario

Lizard catvia