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Coming to an emergency room near you:

Oh my. I so want to try this one day!

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Lamb likes to jump on the bed

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How to play hockey with a Dachshund

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This is what happens when Corgi’s race:

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Why mom’s can’t get anything done

This just about sums up my day.

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This kitteh could give two you know whats

None shall pass

These cats mean business.

SNL anniversary silliness

So I have not watched the entire thing yet as it’s on my DVR and I’m waiting for my special someone to get back home to watch it with them;) However, I did see this snippet on DListed and I could not help myself and watched a teeny tiny bit. Was SO good. Can’t wait to see more…

Friends Furever commercial

Tres adorable.


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Moment of Zen: The Daily Show