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These cows really like Christmas jazz music

Come on. How cute is this?

Try out Pet Gift Box this holiday season:)

These things always make me happy. The peeps over at Pet Gift Box decided to send Sanford and Nala some pre-holiday presents. They have a great concept whereby you sign up to get a monthly gift box of toys and treats for your furry friends, and I encourage you to check it all out at their website PetGiftBox.
They are offering all of my readers 25% off of your order which is pretty dern cool if you ask me. All you have to do is enter in the promo code: WannaSmile on your order. The offer expires by January 31st, 2015.

Here’s a little video of Sanford and Nala opening up their gifts. I would say that Nala, the little spaz that she is, was absolutely the most excited;)

Here’s an example of some of the stuff that you can get through their service:
Pet Gift Box

Oh, baby baby, oh baby baby

Um. Sure Salt N’ Pepa envisioned this when they wrote the song. I LOVE IT!

Owl head scratch

Press play for da’ cuteness:


via HolyCuteness

Compassionate toddler will break your heart

What a precious little girl!
Sent in by Henning

Dog teaches baby how to jump

Sent in by Henning

Kitteh really wants some affection from this doggy:

Cows chase a toy car

Great find by my friend Monique!

Cat REALLY wants his toy

Impressive skills you got there…


When men just do it better

Werk. I mean…wow.