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Faith in Humanity Restored:

Faith in Humanity Restored

Happiness is an attitude

Happiness is an attitude

Faith in humanity restored:

Faith in humanity restored
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Be with who makes you smile:)


Never judge a book by it’s cover


This Shark Tank episode will give you the good feels:

Tree T-Pee is a genius idea. It’s so refreshing to see someone stick up for the little people who need help to grow their business, meanwhile do something for our society as a whole with regards to conservation and better farming practices. Go Johnny!

Martin Luther King Quote:

Today we celebrate and honor a man who championed peace and unity, and continues to teach us lessons that are still relevant to the struggles we have in this country and around the world. martin-luther-king-jr-famous-quotes

I think this will be easier said than done:

I find myself complaining about the little things. “I did not sleep well last night” usually is the first complaint of the day. I say these things out loud as I want others to understand that hey, I may not be performing to the best of my ability. Maybe I don’t like to let other people or down or have them have high expectations. Whatever the case, I’m going to try this tomorrow and really put an effort towards consciously being aware of the things that I say. Let’s see how this goes. Anyone care to join me?

24 hours without complaining

How to make yourself feel bettah’

smiling releases endorphins

Keep the Faith

Keep the faith