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Up Up and Awaaaaay!

F’n hilarious.


Finally, truth in advertising

You know it. We’ve all been there…

A lesson on accents:


Sad Cheezburger:

The Hoff’ and kittehs don’t mix I guess. Oh yeah, that and booze.


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Look alikes:

Martin Scorcese Totally Looks Like Kitteh
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Got any other suggestions? Send em’ in:)

Creative homeless sign


I’d give him some of my change, just cause he made me laugh:)

Source: “Sent in by “Kath”

It’s the little things in life that make you happy…

Such as not taking ma’ prints outta the printer! 😉

Best joke name evah

epic fail pictures
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Prank calling, commence!

Can’t find the book you want?

Maybe you’re in the :


Caption and photo compliments of Janet.