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Pet of Da’ Week

Sent in by Chris W.

Pet of Da’ Week

This is Harper, a gorgeous 6 month old pupper.
Sent in by Rachel

Pet(s) of Da’ Week

Luna & Elmer
Sent in by Justine

Pet of Da’ Week

I’d like to introduce you the adorableness that is Snoopy:

And here is Snoop-a-loop as a pupper:

Sent in by Lucia

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Pet of Da’ Week

Check out this lil’ munchkin!
Sent in by Kate E.

Pet(s) of Da’ Week

Sent in by Sally who says “They usually cock their heads when I ask them a question. At the moment i’m asking them if they liked cheese. The answer must be “Yes!”. Charlie(age 7),Buster(age6), and Bobby Brown (age1).”

Pet of Da’ Week

Check out this lil’ number named LuLu…

Can you say adorables…

And finally…

Sent in by Celina M.

Pet’s of Da’ Week

What do you think the joke was?

Puppers: Ripper & Ralph

Sent in by Jill:)

Pet(s) of Da’ Week:

Wish I knew more about these two, but this was forwarded to me by a friend of a friend via my phone. If you are the owner of these two lovely kittehs, please leave some info about them in the comments;)

Pet of Da’ Week:

My pupper, Nala…in bed and in a blissful state:)

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