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Pet(s) of Da’ Week

These two look like they’re having funlokster
Meet “Loki”& “Louie”…
Sent in by DeeDee

Pet of Da’ Week

This is 3.5 month old puppy called Chase. Love the tongue:)

Sent in by Deb

Pet of Da’ Week

Apparently, this pupper really likes to bring her toys everywhere she goes and walks around the house like this on the daily;)

Sent in by C.C.

Pet of Da’ Week

I’d like to introduce to you to Walter…
He knows how to relax on a Sunday!
Sent in by Amy F.

Pet of Da’ Week

Check out this cutie patootie! Sent in by reader, Jill. The foster kitteh’s name is “Sprinkles”…according to Jill “I foster for my local Humane Society. This little one’s name is Sprinkles – just hold him in the air after his bottle and he ‘sprinkles’ everywhere!”


Thanks for sending this in!
If you’d like to give your furry friend 15 minutes of fame, please send me pics and information to, and I will place them up as a Pet of Da’ Week submission!

Pets of da’ Week

Check out these two! I bring you Loki & Louie:

Sent in by Dee Dee Stewart

Pet of Da’ Week

Silly kitteh face!

Sent in by Dulsanea

Pets of Da’ Week:

Check out these puppers…

Sent in by Pamela H.

Pet of Da’ Week

I bring you a silly and cute doggie, Louie:

And another…

Sent in by Dee Dee & Stewart

Pet of Da’ Week: Delayed post

I’d like to introduce you all to Max. He’s a pug, who clearly likes to Max n’ relax…if you know what I’m saying. We could all take some pointers from this one!

Sent in by Bill L.