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Here we go again. Some of the sites out there that are making me smile today:

Who Farted Photos – I mean really? Did they create this just for me? I love a good fart now and then, and I think I’m in lurve with this site!

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians – Here’s another random one  I found today! They are kinda dead on though…creepers.

CuteOverload – I wanna add another pupper to ma’ family, and I want it to look like this one!

DListed – Check out this week’s Faboosh “Hot Sluts of the Week”, Madonna would be proud;)

Funny Old Planet – Someone please help this kitteh


Here are some my favorites stories and pictures from this week so far:

Beluga Whale Saves Diver

Stop Eating Ma’ Sushi!

Baboons like your clothes. Maybe you shouldn’t drive through their park with a luggage rack eh?


I’z innocent. I swears.


The silliness continues….

Nice bathing suit, dude…DListed

I loved the Golden Girls too, but this is taking it a little too far if ya’ ask me…Woosk

Insanley cute floompf ball of a kitteh…CuteOverload

For an amazing dining experience, check out these photos…Daily Snacks

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