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Here we go again. Some of the sites out there that are making me smile today:

Who Farted Photos – I mean really? Did they create this just for me? I love a good fart now and then, and I think I’m in lurve with this site!

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians – Here’s another random one  I found today! They are kinda dead on though…creepers.

CuteOverload – I wanna add another pupper to ma’ family, and I want it to look like this one!

DListed – Check out this week’s Faboosh “Hot Sluts of the Week”, Madonna would be proud;)

Funny Old Planet – Someone please help this kitteh


Here are some my favorites stories and pictures from this week so far:

Beluga Whale Saves Diver

Stop Eating Ma’ Sushi!

Baboons like your clothes. Maybe you shouldn’t drive through their park with a luggage rack eh?


I’z innocent. I swears.


The silliness continues….

Nice bathing suit, dude…DListed

I loved the Golden Girls too, but this is taking it a little too far if ya’ ask me…Woosk

Insanley cute floompf ball of a kitteh…CuteOverload

For an amazing dining experience, check out these photos…Daily Snacks

If you have links you’d like me to post on my site, send em’ in to


So, I’m going to start featuring linkidinks, as I like to call em’, to all of you other bloggers out there in the interwebs universe:) My goal is to do this at least once a week, if not more. Should you feel that you have something that you feel would be appropriate for WannaSmile, and you’d like to see it on here, shoot me an email at with your suggestion and associated link.

In the meantime, here are some featured posts from ma’ peeps:

New Chipmunk Feeder, I want one:) Cute Overload

Too Many Eggs on Easter darkroastedblend

Hot Slut of the Day! DListed