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Hey butterfly…

Hey butterfly

Kitteh really wants some affection from this doggy:

Pardon me Sir, you’re on my tail

pardon me, sir
via Pixdaus

Hey bro, nice hat.

Frog wearing a snail hat

I has a love

Dog and baby deer
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Nothing like snuggling up to a donkey

Say what? Yep. Check out the video below. Mind. Blown.

Originally viewed at CuteOverload, a personal fave.

Kid shares an umbrella with a deer

Heart melts.
Umbrella for a deer

Playing “catch” with a dolphin

Can you imagine how fun this had to have been for the kid?


via Tastefully Offensive

But mooooom! She’s IN my food!?

But mom!

I has a warm

Someone sure is looking cozy…
I has a warm