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The many expressions of a cat:

Sent in by Henning:)
The many expressions of a cat

Would love to see this at my hospital

I work as a nurse, which is why some days (like the last 3) I’ve been incommunicado. I work 13 hours shifts and when I come home I crash after showering/disinfecting and eating. That being said, I would to turn the corner on my unit and see this!
Cat meeting

Lipstick oops!

Lipstick oops

A little bad language to make you laugh this morning

Dog profanity
via BuzzFeed

Caught in the act!

Excuse me, pardon me, nothing to see here…
Caught in the act

None shall pass

These cats mean business.

Dog security fail

Dog security system fail

This is what my dog does

All winter

What does your morning look like?

What does your morning look like?


Hamster meets popcorn:

Hamster in a popcorn bowl