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Hey, this is ma’ box dammit

Cats in boxes
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How to exercise with a dog

Working out with the dog

Don’t worry, I got this!

I got this

Coming to an emergency room near you:

Oh my. I so want to try this one day!

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What happened to my ears?

Where are my ears?

Reason 1,001 why everyone needs a cat

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The many expressions of a cat:

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The many expressions of a cat

Would love to see this at my hospital

I work as a nurse, which is why some days (like the last 3) I’ve been incommunicado. I work 13 hours shifts and when I come home I crash after showering/disinfecting and eating. That being said, I would to turn the corner on my unit and see this!
Cat meeting

Lipstick oops!

Lipstick oops

A little bad language to make you laugh this morning

Dog profanity
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