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He has it!


Cute baby turtles. So amazing that they just inherently “know” to go into the water like that…

Pet of Da’ Week:


Mad balancing skillz:

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sheldon. Our very first reptile to make it as our weekly pet! I normally like to post cuddly lil’ folk, but this guy won me over with his personality and outright silliness.

Reader Laura B. says this about our friend “normally he doesn’t hang on the ball like that (he generally just climbs over it), but that day he decided to hang on top of it long enough for me to spot him and grab my camera”.

Thanks for sending these photos in Laura! Remember everyone, if you’d like to see your pet up here next week, send in some more submissions. I’ll even give you a topic; Christmas Pets!


Oh wait…there’s no hair on dis’ kitteh? What do u call em’ then?

I HAD to post this image! It’s just too obscenely funny not to.




Source: reader submission

This Lil’ dewd knows…something. He’s got a secret and is not telling!

thanks Pam!