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Back to school time!

Okay WananSmile peeps, an update on ma’ personal life. This chica is going back to school…again;) I’m starting grad school…like…today! Exciting times around here in every aspect. What does that mean for Well, I will be continuing to update the site, but less frequently. Until I can wrap my head around my new schedule and figure out the perfect balance in my personal life, the site will remain up and I will continue to post as I can. I’ll do my best to update daily, but please understand if you don’t see posts up as frequently as they have been. Wish me luck! I the meantime, here are some cute photos of animals gearing up for their first day as well!

Back to school


Back to School Orangutans Ryan Hawk


I do it.

I do itvia

This puppy has a cozy

This puppy has a cozy

Cat ladies rejoice!

cat ladies
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I would like to partake in cuddles

That is one cute kitten:)
funny-cat-dog-hug-ball (1)

Paci’s are not just for babies

Paci's are not just for babies

Real teddy bears:)

Teddy bears

These guys will keep me safe

These guys will keep me safevia

This is me this morning:

Tired Boston Terrier

I literally said out loud “Aww…that is SO cute!”

Female bonobo playing with infant, Pan paniscus, Native to D.R. Congo