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We made a list of Top Pet Blogs:)

You can check it out here…we are placed at number 11. Thank you!
Top Pet blogs

An infographic by the team at Rebates zone


Itty bitty kitties post bath time


via listed in top 100 pet blogs:)

Looks like we made it to number 5 according to this infographic!
Top 100 Pet blogs to follow


An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


Thanks to ma’ readers for getting me onto Bing “Editors’ Picks” lists

Just wanted to give a shout out to all of you avid WannaSmile readers! Because of you and your loyalty over the years, you have allowed me to get onto a top 10 list hand picked by Bings editors’ for funny video websites. You can check out the link here:

Bing Editors’ Picks – Funny Videos

You guys are simply da’ best!!!

Let’s party! The site hath surpassed 4 Million hits people!

Thank you, thank you, and thank YOU!


I wanna win a Webby Award some day…

Cause everyone at this event looks like they’re having way too much fun! Here are the highlights of the “Five-Word Speeches” that were given the other night…

What’s a Webby Award you ask? Only the most prestigious award in da’ whole of da’ intertubes. They’re given out to web-sites that are doing something different, that make people laugh, and that are just plain old silly at times. I know I have to fit into one of those categories, right? Maybe next year I’ll just put ma’ name in for it and see what happens.

Thanks to Gita from for sending this in…

Silly pandas.

What is it with these lil’ guys? They’re so frisky and silly, I love them. WANT.

Bloggy Award Review!


Wow! I’m having a great morning so far. Not only do I have a brand new server on my side, but I look at my incoming links and see a review of posted up on Bloggy Awards today! I’m speechless. They gave me purrfect 10! I feel like I just won a Gold medal or something. I’m so happy that they enjoyed the site, and it really means so much to have an independent review like this. Thank you, Bloggy Awards, you just made this chica right her smile from ear to ear:)

Click here for the full review!

Vote for me, pretty please?

Hey everyone,

I’m still in the running for best Humor Blogger of the Year, but the final countdown has begun for my particular category. Please click on this link and vote for me if you have not already done so:

I’m in the following category at the bottom right hand side of the page:

Picture and Video Humor Blogger of the Year.

Voting is open until Midnight on November 30th.

Vote for me!!!

Hey everyone!

My friends over at have been running a contest for Best Humor Blogger of the Year. They have recently narrowed down the categories, and I’m officially one of 3 “Picture and Video Humor Blogger of the Year Nominees”. I think the two blogs I’m running against are very good, and I have a special place in ma’ heart for them, so I would like to congratulate them on being in the top three as well!

Anyway, if I make you laugh from time to time, please head over to www.humorbloggers.comand click on WannSmile on the right hand side, about mid-way down the page.
The Humor Bloggers