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Dad’s epic response to Disney’s “Frozen”:

I loved this!


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Bad dog…bad dog;)

This is Franken. He decided to make his space a teeny bit cozier. Hehe. Bad dog
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True love:

I just love this…

True love
How many storms do you think these two have weathered?

Back to school time!

Okay WananSmile peeps, an update on ma’ personal life. This chica is going back to school…again;) I’m starting grad school…like…today! Exciting times around here in every aspect. What does that mean for Well, I will be continuing to update the site, but less frequently. Until I can wrap my head around my new schedule and figure out the perfect balance in my personal life, the site will remain up and I will continue to post as I can. I’ll do my best to update daily, but please understand if you don’t see posts up as frequently as they have been. Wish me luck! I the meantime, here are some cute photos of animals gearing up for their first day as well!

Back to school


Back to School Orangutans Ryan Hawk


Blorp. I’m a cow fish.

Oh, hai.


Good day to you, Sir.

Good day, Sir.

I do it.

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This puppy has a cozy

This puppy has a cozy

Cat ladies rejoice!

cat ladies
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It’s all about da’ love: