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Cute baby elephant had a stuck

This one was discovered by MiniMoppel:

Porcupine celebrating Halloween early

I never knew that they sound like dogs!
Sent in by Henning

Kid shares an umbrella with a deer

Heart melts.
Umbrella for a deer

Pug army is in full effect

Pug army
via 9gag

Playing “catch” with a dolphin

Can you imagine how fun this had to have been for the kid?


via Tastefully Offensive

But mooooom! She’s IN my food!?

But mom!

Faith in humanity restored:

This one is for you, Betty!
Faith in humanity restored
via TheMetaPicture
Never give up!;) All I can say is I’m wrapped up in school, and we finally moved into our new home this past week. So…you can imagine!

Time to go to Costco and get some TP!

You're outta toilet paper

Puppy kills me with his cuteness

Yep. I’ll throw it for you…
Puppy kills me with his cuteness
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Pooh bearisms