Sorry for the reduction in posting frequency

sorry puppy
via Hey ya’ll. I’m sure many of you have noticed that I have not been posting as frequently on the site and that is in part due to many issues. I am in the process of a move over the course of the next few weeks that is happening rather quickly and unexpectedly. So, between that and work, and you know…being a mom, my time hath been rather limited. That being said, here is a cute sorry looking pupper. I hope you accept my apologies…

  • SallyBR

    Huge fan of your site, let me wish you good luck on your move, moving is never easy, but always worth it!

    hang in there, and I’m sure all your fans will be waiting patiently for more reasons to smile! ;-)

    • wannasmile

      Thank you so much Sally! That means a lot to me. Busy week this week and next. I will do my best to update!