My husband told me to put this on here…

He said it would make all the men smile. Then he got slapped;)


6 Responses to My husband told me to put this on here…

  1. A Mom says:

    No chafing there… Let freedom reign (or is it “rein” or “ring”?)!!

  2. Janet says:

    Give ‘im a slap for me as well ;o)

  3. HermanTurnip says:

    Pleasant as that is to look at, it’s a bit uncomfortable? Can’t imagine tackling a 20 mile trail run with something wedged up my backside that that…

  4. Norwegien Chick(en) says:

    …I just want to get her phonenumber and ask her to go back in TIME and adjust that thing before the picture is taken…..gaaaahhh…

    …It is like when someone is talking and you can hear they should really clear their throat as it is uncomfortable to listen to, but they don`t, so you start to clear your own throat out loud just to get them to do the same…
    lol… 😛

  5. palothes says:

    Snežana Rodi?

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