I wanna win a Webby Award some day…

Cause everyone at this event looks like they’re having way too much fun! Here are the highlights of the “Five-Word Speeches” that were given the other night…

What’s a Webby Award you ask? Only the most prestigious award in da’ whole of da’ intertubes. They’re given out to web-sites that are doing something different, that make people laugh, and that are just plain old silly at times. I know I have to fit into one of those categories, right? Maybe next year I’ll just put ma’ name in for it and see what happens.

Thanks to Gita from pkpr.com for sending this in…

2 Responses to I wanna win a Webby Award some day…

  1. MiniMoppel says:

    1.09: “Plug the hole!”

  2. wannasmile says:

    I think she’s talking about the Gulf of Mexico and BP….

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