Just a lil’ something to cozy up to this morning:

yep, that’s a baby horse.


  • http://www.crazyoldbuzzer.com crazyoldbuzzer

    I hope you two are very happy! Dating has been very tough for me lately, too. I just hope you’re residing in one of the states that allows this (napping with young horses, of course).

    After my eyes and brain finally adjusted to this, I was able to process how sweet this really is and then…I took a toothbrush to the outer convolutions of my cerebellum, to no avail. I’m afraid there’s no removing the image. Thanks.

    • http://wannasmile.com wannasmile

      @crazyoldbuzzer…sorry that you can’t erase the image! at least it’s a sweet one;)

  • http://nodoff.com/ Noddy

    Correction: that’s a SPOILED baby horse! :-p


  • Anonymous

    i love horses more than anything and i cant help but think this is the perfect guy :)