Here we go again. Some of the sites out there that are making me smile today:

Who Farted Photos - I mean really? Did they create this just for me? I love a good fart now and then, and I think I’m in lurve with this site!

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians – Here’s another random one  I found today! They are kinda dead on though…creepers.

CuteOverload – I wanna add another pupper to ma’ family, and I want it to look like this one!

DListed - Check out this week’s Faboosh “Hot Sluts of the Week”, Madonna would be proud;)

Funny Old Planet – Someone please help this kitteh

  • Anywho

    Now this is a twisted list today! You must be constipated…

    • wannasmile

      Yeah…it was a bit twisted, but there was some silly stuff on there that I wanted to share;) No constipation though. Smooth sailing, all the way;)