Wha? I’z NOT afraid of a lil’ snaaaaakkkkkeee!!!!

Dammit, the lil’ lizard is what did him in;)

2 Responses to Wha? I’z NOT afraid of a lil’ snaaaaakkkkkeee!!!!

  1. Suzy Cat says:

    OMG!!! I actually saw this live when it happened a few years back. It was on the very early news cast. It was soooo funny! What the clip doesn’t show you is the other news caster after that wiping back tears, because she was laughing sooo dern hard, too. Anyways, it beat a cup of coffee for that early wake up. In spite this glorious incident, this guy is probably one of the most dignified newscasters on tv….which made it funnier to me. lol

  2. wannasmile says:

    That lil’ story makes this even better, thanks Suzy Cat!

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